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Did You Know #7

Did you know the length of your DNA telomeres is as much about genetics as how you choose to live your life? There are 4 main reasons yours may be shortening faster...

It seems logical that if you developed better fitness habits, fixed your nutrition, and lost the excess body weight, your stress would go away. But it’s not that easy! Damage has still been done to your DNA telomeres from every day wear and tear.

Telomeres get damaged from man-made things in the air we breathe, foods we eat, and even sunlight. The good news is it’s possible to reverse this damage by understanding your DNA. Remember your telomeres determine your biological age. Wouldnt you want to know if there was a way to lengthen your telomeres and repair the damage you have from living life? #practrition #ironbuffet #ironbuffetdna

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