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Did You Know #8

AC-11 (Uncaria Tomentosa) is an ingredient in Iron Buffet DNA and has the power to repair and lengthen damaged and shortened DNA telemeres.

Now we know why some age better than others! Decades of research has shown us DNA telomeres determine our biological age. You may think aging is just part of life, while this is true, how you choose to go through this aging process can be controlled by YOU. Yes, last week we did say the largest contributors of telomere damage comes from stress, improper nutrition, excess weight gain and poor exercise habits. But we all breathe oxygen, digest food, get sunlight, and even exercise which causes the release of free radicals which damages DNA telemeres.

You could say "living life causes damage to your DNA which carries your genetic code and is the most important molecule in the body. If you could repair or even reverse this process wouldn't you want to do it? Aging isnt supposed to be a dreaded process, it can be very enjoyable when you do it properly. #ironbuffet #ironbuffetdna #practrition

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