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Often when we start trying to better manage our weight, we change our diets drastically, exercise more and try to live a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately our bodies don’t always like this change. Who cares what you call it, because you know you experience things like fatigue, sugar cravings, irritability and restless sleep to name a few.

Core is the perfect companion as you start out your new weight management regimen. That’s because Core is packed with ingredients in two specific products, an AM and PM product. 

The Core AM formula is what supports the body during the day in our waking states. The proprietary blend helps support healthy blood glucose levels, provide sustainable energy, reduce sugar cravings and avoid that 3PM crash, while also contributing to mental clarity and focus.

The Core PM formula is designed to address the body’s needs at night specifically. It includes such ingredients as Gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA that contribute to restful night’s sleep, and allow for your body's natural reparative process to take place.

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